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with the world’s most intuitive tracking and monitoring platform. Reveal your competitor's prices and strategies and increase your sales and profit margins.

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Why Prispot?

We make it easy to track all competitor analytics

Track your competitors and gain competitive advantage through market data and analytics. Be ahead and grow your business.

Save time & increase Productivity

Stop tediously tracking your competitor manually. With Prispot you can monitor every step of your competitors within one platform. This saves you time and increases your productivity.

Simple Setup & intuitive Analytics

Track your competitors' in the simplest way possible: Copy and paste your competitors' url and start monitoring. Our intuitive analytics will make it easy for you to gain special insight and reveal hidden strategies.

Maximize Profits & Outperform Competitors

Reveal your competitors' pricing strategies and use our advanced data visualization to react and outperform your competitors. Maximize your profits with Prispot.

Full Automation

Monitor your competitors 24/7 and use our intelligent alert system to identify strategic advantages such as out of stock events or price jumps.

Most Important Features

One Platform to track them all

Have all your competitors on one platform - simple to setup, intuitive to understand.


Which competitors changed their prices? Who is out of stock? How did the average market price develop? Have an insightful and yet clean overview about all your competitors in the main Dashboard - one view to track them all.

Per Product View

Have a clean overview per product and monitor each step of your competitors. Simple add competitors by pasting the competitors' url and start generating insights.


Customize the alerts you want to receive and be able to react to market changes in real time. This will enable you to generate additional profits.

Your turn to boost your Shopify sales and margin with Prispot

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Automatic Competitor & Price Tracking
Price Updates 4 Time a Day
Detailed Dashboard and Analytics
Individual Alert System &  instant Email Notification
Price History & Data Export
24/7 Monitoring

Boost your Business

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Prispot Insights

What our customers are saying

Check out how our customers outperform their competitors using Prispot.

“Thanks to Prispot, I always have my competitors in sight and recognize the pricing strategies. These are important insights to outperform my competitors.”

Daniel Blank
Founder & CEO at NINJA MOUNT

“Prispot saves us a lot of manual work and therefore a lot of money. If something important happens, we get an automatic notification.”

Luca Setili
Founder & CFO at LuftLicht

“Through Prispot, I can take advantage of my competitors' out-of-stock time and increase my sales during that time. This not only increases revenue but also strengthens the brand.”

Julian Gesell
Co-Founder & CFO at uniwise

“The dashboard gives me all the important information at a glance. I save time and money, which I can put into the further development of the products and better marketing. Thus, I create a long-term competitive advantage..”

Philipp Silbernagel
Co-Founder & CEO at wisefood

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